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the mission.


Welcome to TYGR, the Strategy & Design Studio. If you are looking to revamp your brand’s identity, energize your digital presence, clarify your marketing messages, and achieve higher levels of success in your business, you’ve come to the right place. We work with our clients to create beautiful brands, effective marketing campaigns, and clear, actionable strategies for business growth.

beautiful brands + effective marketing campaigns + actionable strategies

It is our mission to guide you through the uncertainties and confusion of the marketing world and on to a higher level of success for you and your business. Think of us as your marketing sherpas. There’s just one question—how high do you want to go?



the philosophy. 


One of the goals in building this agency has been to help small businesses and startups gain access the high-level creative work and strategy they need in order to achieve their fullest potentials. Not all businesses can afford the "big agency" price tag but, in today’s world, every business should have access to professional quality marketing. 

in today’s world, every business should have access to professional quality marketing.

We believe that strategy and design, the two sides of the marketing coin, are critically important and inextricably linked. Great design communicates and helps facilitate business and marketing strategy. Great strategy lays the foundation to support and fuel brand identity. It is at the intersection and through the cooperation of these two components that we find thriving businesses and exceptional brands.



the method.


We treat each business as a whole system comprised of many parts that work together to create value. As such, we take a holistic approach to marketing your business, making sure that your goals, strategies, actions, and messages align under your ultimate vision for the future. We start by capturing and defining this vision. Just as we must know our destination before we determine the route, we must clearly define a vision before we create the plan to achieve it. Once we have established the vision, we work to craft a clear, actionable plan to realize it.

we must align our goals, strategies, actions, and messages.

In creating your marketing plan, we look to find the most effective, sustainable ways of achieving growth. For some businesses, for instance, Twitter may be a laborious platform to maintain that offers little reward in terms of new customers. We research your industry, look at the overall market behavior, and create a customized plan to gain market share. Once you approve the plan, we execute and assess the results, making slight adjustments until you have your very own well-oiled marketing machine.


Tyler Grady.jpg

The team.


The TYGR network is a curated team of freelance creative professionals and business strategists. Led by our creative director, Tyler J. Grady (pictured above), we offer our clients access to a collective base of knowledge and creativity that is much greater than the sum of its parts. From brand identity design and digital marketing to business planning and one-on-one strategy sessions, we provide the tools and resources you need to move past sticking points and achieve the level of success you desire.

the TYGR network = collective base of knowledge & creativity

We treat each client project with the same passion and energy that we give to our very own. When you become a TYGR client, you become a part of our team, and the rest is history.